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How much will an interior designer cost?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

We seem to find the main cause for apprehension when discussing how much will an interior designer cost, this could be down to the industry still seeming fairly new in the UK.

Firstly, we would always recommend questioning your designers about how they charge for projects.

Asking that question really early on will allow you to establish if your values both align.

Secondly, we would recommend checking if the designer is part of some kind of accredited like Biid. This shows the designer will have a decent level of experience and have to adhere to ethical codes of practice.

There are many different ways a studio may charge for their fees. We have found that the most ethical way to operate is to focus mostly on design fees as our source of income, with supplementary income from the sale of products.

Historically we charged a set fee but found that with the current climate, we were unable to deliver the best service under one set fee. Experienced designers will know that putting together the scheme is only a small part of the job, procurement and installation can take far more time than the design.

Also, as we are acting as your advisor we found that relying heavily on the markup of the product could cause a conflict of interest. We want to recommend pieces to you because they are they are perfect for you, not the profit margin.

This brought us to the decision to charge an hourly rate of £75+VAT. Each project has its own time-based proposal drawn up based on the client's needs. As a general rule at the moment, it takes between 20 - 30 hours of design time to deliver a finished project. Making the estimated total design fees £1500 - £ in Fees.

Our fees are paid in advance as a retainer based on the deliverable stages of the design shown below. Time is logged and monitored through software.


Client profile development

Details Site Survey

Budget Analysis

Site Information and Restriction

Outcome: Formal details brief supplied to the client clearly outlining the scope for the project.


Research and development to establish the high-level design concept

(this is intended to challenge the client to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.)

Mood boards are generated and 3D models are built to show the scope of work.

Outcome: Mood boards and illustrative visuals were supplied to the client for feedback.


Testing and development of design concepts.

Samples are ordered

Budget Evaluation

Design Program Elevation

3D Model Renders

Outcome: Client Presentation


Procurement of ready-made items

Tender Packs created for bespoke items.

Finalised quote for installation.

Outcome: Installation Program.


Onsite installation of items.

Outcome: Final Client sign-off.

We Will on occasion negotiate fees so please contact us if you would like to discuss.

Please get in touch with us here at KBF Interior Design to talk about your upcoming renovation projects.

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