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When should I hire an Interior Designer?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023


Another common question we get is when should I hire an Interior designer, all too often we have clients approach us at KBF Interior Design when its too late. This guide will help you navigate this delicate timing issue.

New Build or Large Renovation

When it comes to complete new builds or large-scale renovations, bitter experience has shown that the earlier the better. In an ideal world, the architect and interior designer should be working closely together.

In most cases the architects have so much to consider in terms of the technical side of the build and the planning process, critical elements of the interior function are missed.

Having the designer on board as early as possible also allows you to get a handle on the budget really early on the project. Often clients can over-spec on certain aspects of the build that will ultimately add nothing to their day-to-day experience in the property. This eventually equates to the client having no budget left for the interiors.

Quite often we will undertake a feasibility study that allows us to create a basic design for the interiors covering spatial planning, furniture and floor and window treatments. This allows you to have a realistic view of what can be achieved in a project.

These studies can be done as a standalone when you are still in the planning stage. Generally speaking, this will take around 6 hours to complete. Costing £360+VAT per space up to 50 sqm.

We recommend that you establish if your architect will be attending the site throughout the build to ensure that aspects affecting the interiors are installed correctly and also if changes are made once the drawings are approved, who will check for possible chain reaction issues that could arise as a result. Builders often quote cheap without looking at the plans and end up trying to talk clients into cheaper options for certain aspects to pull money back.

When we work for a client we are the ones standing in their corner to make sure that this doesn't happen and you get what you're paying for.


Single Room projects or small renovations

Given the current situation with the supply chain, the minimum amount of time to turn around a project is 12 weeks. So again, the sooner the better.

We can also undertake a feasibility study early on to allow you to get a feel for the budget. Taking around 6 hours per room to complete, there are charged at £360+VAT.

If you want to discuss this design product then please get in touch with us at KBF Interior Design.



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